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Use this calendar to check availability. Clicking on arrows will take you back   or forward   one month. Click any date to see the nearest available dates.

Or if you want to book dates outside our standard format please email us details and we will quote for your dates.

Accommodation Comprises

  • The cottage can easily accommodate up to 4 people.
  • Cosy wood burning fire with fuel and central heating throughout.
  • There are 2 x 2 seater settees .
  • Dishwasher.
  • Washer/Dryer.
  • SmartTV/ DVD and separate CD player.
  • Selection of DVD's and CD's.
  • Unlimited WIFI.
  • There are 2 double bedrooms both with a double bed. 
  • There is a spare single bedroom (made up) - restricted head height over the bed.
  • The bathroom has a toilet, washbasin, bath and shower.
  • A 2nd bathroom has a toilet and large washbasin, slight restricted head height.
  • Bedding & Towels included.
  • Hairdrier in each double bedroom.

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION This section is for reference during the Covid Situation.

Fire Safety

There are hard-wired fire detectors on the 3 floors. In the event of a fire, your first priority is to leave the building and phone (if possible) the fire brigade. The Fire Exit is the main front door. The external door on the first floor is locked and is not an exit. There are fire extinguishes in the hallway, on the 1st floor landing, on the 2nd floor landing. There is a fire blanket by the cooker. There are 2 carbon monoxide detectors for the fire and central heating boiler. There is emergency lighting on the 1st & 2nd floors. These torches should only be used in the event of a fire or power failure. The front door can be locked internally with the door bolt or the key on a chain. All doors should be closed at night to help prevent a fire spreading quickly. Please do not light candles inside the property. Smoking is not allowed inside the property.



1. The central heating is set to come on throughout the day and evening from 7:00 to 23:00. The timing is fixed but the thermostat can be increased/decreased by altering the thermostat dial on the 1st floor landing. The radiators can be controlled in each room by turning/ adjusting the thermostatic valve on the particular radiator.

2. The radiator on the 1st floor landing can be noisy if turned up high, so you might want to keep it on a low or off setting.

3. In the living room there is a small low background electric heater on the panelling to the right of the chimney. This is left on a minimum setting 24 hours a day but can be switched off by the plug if you prefer. The central heating radiator is behind the settee, below the display cabinet. If the background electric heater is turned up it will probably cause the thermostatic valve on the central heating radiator to reduce its temperature, so it will not make the room warmer. The purpose of the electric heater is for low background heating overnight.


Please do not use any cleaning materials ("Jif" etc) on the ceramic hob. A damp cloth is OK but that's about it. We would rather you leave it to be cleaned, after your stay, by the cleaners.



1. The fuse box is in the entrance and complies with current regulations. You should not normally have to touch the fuse box but a light bulb "going" may cause the circuit breaker to trip and all lights on that circuit cut out. Spare bulbs are under the kitchen sink. To restore power: open the front panel of the fuse box and flick up (i.e. reset) the relevant labelled switch - which will be in a different position to the other switches.

2. The light switch for the light above the dining table is to the right hand side, behind the music speaker. ALSO check the switch of the plug socket left of the chimney - by the floor. This also gives power for the television.


Wood Burner

1."Kindling" (to start the fire) is in the wooden trunk in the centre of the carpet. Larger wood is in the round black bin by the side of the settee.

2. The wheel on the front of the fire is very responsive and controls how the fire burns. When starting the fire the wheel needs to be fully open and the door closed. Just use one firelighter block and some kindling wood to start the fire and then after about 5 minutes, add wood from the black bin. (Don't leave the fire's door open - it will not "draw").

3. When the fire is established the wheel needs turning down (reducing the gap) or you will quickly use up the fuel with most of the heat going up the chimney. The maximum height of the fire is the middle of the front metal bars - inside the stove. If you want to light a fire another day you will need to empty the ash from the fire and from the tray below. Please empty into the outside metal bucket, which is under the table, to the right of the front door.


TV and DVD

Power switch is on the floor socket - left hand side of the chimney. Then:

a) Press TV on TV controller - gets "normal" channels via satellite.

b) Press APPS on TV controller gets access to iPlayer etc.

c) For the DVD

Go to AV on TV controller.

4 segment arrows - press AV - DVD is on.

Then use the DVD controller.

DVD's are in the cupboard below the TV. 

Any channels you subscribe too - please log out when you leave.


Please refer to the quick guide (laminated sheet) inside the wall cupboard to the right of the cooker.

Washer/ Dryer

Please refer to the quick guide (laminated sheet) by the machine.


Please do not put "wipes" or "cotton buds" etc down the toilets.

In Robin Hood's Bay this will cause the toilet to block.

Please use the bins provided.

Velux Windows

The window of the single bedroom has a restrictor fitted, this can be locked if required to limit the opening of the window. The key for this restrictor is with the house key on the key ring. Never leave the Velux windows fully open - if it rains, it will definitely come in!

Kitchen Bin & Rubbish

1.The cleaners will remove rubbish etc when you leave.

2. If the kitchen bin is full there are new bin liners under the sink. Put the bag of rubbish in the outside metal dustbin - right of the bay window.

3. If you want to get rid of any rubbish - the municipal bin storage is past the Mariondale fish & chip shop, Albion Road (right at the Smugglers).

Seating Area Outside

At the end of the front path (turning right out the front door) there is a green bench, painted the same colour as the house, which is there for you to use. It very, very occasionally gets used by people thinking it's a village bench. But that's OK!

Locked Doors on the 1st Floor

As Greenfield Cottage is also our holiday home you will find there are some doors locked. These are all on the 1st floor: in the bathroom, under the stairs and in the bedroom. They are used for our storage, or used by the cleaners. The "back door" on the 1st floor remains locked.


The WIFI network is VodafoneConnect27619301 & the password is written by the router on the 1st floor landing.